What is behind the lack of goals and lack of passion at Aston Villa?

Aston Villa: Lack of goals , Lack of passion.

Aston Villa have not scored in their last five Premier League games , which included opponents such as Sunderland , Crystal Palace and bottom of the league Leicester City. Villa’s next two games in the league are against Arsenal and top of the league Chelsea so it doesn’t look like goals are going to be flying in any time soon and it is likely we will be sinking down the table.

In the top eight English football divisions Villa are the lowest scorers with just 11 goals in 22 games , and they still have not scored in the league during 2015. Their last Premier League goal was against Man United (Christian Benteke, of course!) in a 1-1 draw back on the 20th of December. Looking at Villa with each game there seems to be a lack of passion and desire within the team whilst playing , and most players seem complacent , as they can do very little each game and will still be confident they will be starting the following match.

Paul Lambert doesn’t strike me as the most passionate manager , could you see him inspiring the players in the dressing room? I can’t. This is part of the problem.

Villa fans have voiced their opinions of manager Paul Lambert but I think it’s clear Villa need a huge change to get where they belong. Most fans would start with the manager and I personally think the backroom staff could be given a fresh update also ,  in addition Villa still haven’t got an assistant manager after Roy Keane’s departure.

So how can this be solved?…

Randy Lerner has obviously lost passion for the club and its clear he wants to sell , I think the key to success for Villa is new ownership , Villa need someone that will inject some big funds into the club so we can ultimately attract a decent manager and buy some players to improve our squad. Which will expectantly conclude in our league position being improved and hopefully some decent football , which has been desperately missed in recent years at Villa Park.

On paper Villa looks like a great club to buy it has a beautiful stadium (Villa Park) , huge fan base , top class training facilities  (Bodymoor Heath) and a proud history however there are a number of Premier League clubs available at a much lower price.

I think it is vital for Villa to retain their ever-present record in the league as I think being in the top flight of English football is obviously a major selling point but I think Randy Lerner will have to sell the club a little cheaper than he wants to. Hopefully there will be some negotiations in the summer. Randy Lerner has many links in the American side of Business and sold Cleveland Browns for over $1Billion in 2012 (sadly he didn’t invest much into Aston Villa) and with our new CEO Tom Fox (who secured a deal for Arsenal worth £170million with Puma) optimistic about the clubs future let’s hope a deal fashions sooner rather than later.

Why can’t Villa score?

The main reason Villa are not scoring goals in my opinion is due to the lack of creativity from midfield. Ashley Westwood , Tom Cleverley , Carlos Sanchez and Fabian Delph have 0 goals and 1 assist between the four of them , which is totally unacceptable. To be successful in this league you need a player who can get goals from midfield and provide assists.

Fabian Delph is Villa’s most creative midfielder and can beat a man and drive forward but the end product is lacking and Carlos Sanchez is the only one out of the four who can really put a solid tackle in and retrieve the ball for Villa , so despite them maybe not providing enough they do help and do a job.

On the other hand Ashley Westwood and Tom Cleverley offer very little they are both very lightweight in the middle and always look for the simple option , instead of taking a risk to try and move the ball forward and help the team progress , moreover I think it is clear to most fans they both lack class and I think it is evident most Villa fans do not want Tom Cleverley on a permanent deal and we can all see why Manchester United want him out.

Villa NEED a creative midfielder who can be an attacking threat and someone who provide assists on a consistent basis. Have we solved this problem with Carles Gill? Only time will tell but he looked lively on his debut when he came on against Liverpool , in the 59th minute. He beat a few players which Villa need at the moment and he looked like he played the game with a forward thinking mind , hopefully he will be the solution to creating goals.

Christian Benteke is a quality player on his day and let’s hope he find his form , but this season he seems to be playing for himself and not the team , he is very lazy at times not closing players down and he seems to shoot when there may be better options but this is likely to be a sign of frustration as there is a lack of service for him from midfield.

Let’s hope we start progressing soon , Paul Lambert has said a couple more may be joining us in the transfer window , hopefully that provide an attacking threat and with Libor Kozak not too far away goals may start to come…

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