Is it about time that Spurs finally move on Emmanuel Adebayor?

Emmanuel Adebayor could reportedly leave Spurs this transfer window with a loan move to PSG. The Togolese striker has been with the club since 2011-12, when he was on loan from Manchester City. His loan season, which promoted the permanent transfer was a success, with him scoring 17 goals in 33 games. Unfortunately, since then things have not been so good. He has not provided the goals that have been lacking up front, but instead has been a relatively expensive inconsistent and frustrating performer (his wages are alleged to be around £5.8 million per year).

Since his first 17 goals in 33 games Adebayor’s form has been poor and patchy. He’s played 54 games and scored 18 goals. That is a terrible reduction in goals per game for Adebayor from one goal in two games to one in three.

At 30 and with such high wages it doesn’t look like things will get better or like there is much reason to keep him around. Adebayor’s days should be numbered. He doesn’t have much to offer anymore and the more under-stated and simply far more effective Harry Kane is now taking the plaudits and making the no.9 slot his own with eight goals in 17 appearances this season.

Unlike Adebayor he works tirelessly for the time and is always a threat and a presence. Adebayor on the other hand tends to dip in and out of games. His time in England as a whole has been littered with inconsistency, stops and starts, rather than a continued quality. This has stopped him becoming a top performer and is why it hasn’t ever really worked out for him. A lot of it seems to be to do with his attitude as he never seems to settle. One has to be suspicious of the attitude of a player who frequently moves clubs. At Spurs there is clearly a desire to move him on and fans aren’t really receptive to him at the moment. His recent cameo as captain wasn’t exactly a success. Moving Adebayor on to PSG or elsewhere make sense for Spurs.

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