Have Arsenal really been the best team in Europe in 2015?

Theo Walcott hasn’t played too much this season but he has busied himself with some interesting comments this week.

“I think, especially this season, not many people thought we would be challenging for the Premier League.

“In this calendar year, we have been the best team in Europe. It is the strongest the squad has been and everyone is staying fit as well.

“There aren’t many injuries in the squad, which is important. If we had an injury-free season, I think we could lift the title.”

This is definitely a bold claim from Walcott. The comment is clearly made off of the back of the fact that Arsenal were on an eight game win streak before they played Chelsea. On closer inspection, this is a very bold claim. Arsenal have lost two games in 2015 in the Premier League.

Chelsea have lost just once, but they have drawn more games. But Chelsea have been playing knowing the league is almost wrapped up. They didn’t need to keep going in top gear. Arsenal also failed to beat Chelsea and didn’t look too convincing, despite donating possession.

That being said Arsenal also crashed out of Europe in February against the fourth best team in Ligue One. This is hardly the form of a top team, were Arsenal the best team in Europe they’d be in…. Europe. The four teams still in Europe would definitely have something to say about Walcott’s claim.

Bayern Munich have wrapped the title up in Germany with ease. In terms of pure points Barcelona have won every game in 2015 domestically, apart from losing one and drawing one.

There really is no sense to Walcott’s claim. Arsenal’s failure in Europe is a clear sign that they have not been the best team in Europe this year. Losing against AS Monaco was embarrassing.

Walcott is way off base. Arsenal have been in good form in 2015. But this is what we have come to expect off of a side who don’t like pressure. Arsenal inevitably end seasons well and in good form, they have done so over the last two seasons.

Arsenal also didn’t exactly challenge for the title this season. Being ten points behind (now 13) is not a challenge. Next season they might do, but a sustained push seems unlikely. Chelsea are a long way off of Arsenal, as is Mourinho off Wenger.

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