Four reasons Chelsea cannot win the title after their 2-1 defeat to Palace

1) A terrible defence

Chelsea’s defence is awful. The system isn’t working and although they had the best defence on paper last season the cracks had already began appearing. Chelsea have conceded nine goals in four games and look incapable of keeping a clean sheet, even at home. Four goals conceded in two home fixtures is worrying form for a side and a manager who boast such a good home record. Chelsea with or without John Terry are a shambles at the back. The whole back four is out of sorts and lacking pace. The structure isn’t working. Chelsea need to inject pace. Full-back has been an issue. Ivanovic hasn’t looked good nor has Azpilicueta. Perhaps Baba Rahman will come in and Chelsea will break the bank for a top centre-back.

2) Predictability in attack

Chelsea have spent a lot on attacking players but remain predictable in attack. The goal threat is too similar. Chelsea come inside and try to play passes into the box. It doesn’t work well. The squad is reflective of this. When chasing the game they lacked options versus Palace. Kennedy ended up coming on. This isn’t the super star bench we expect. City for instance have far more options than Chelsea in attack. Chelsea have merely got like for like, even if Falcao did come off the bench to score. Chelsea’s goal scoring threat has been severely limited recently.

3) The gap is now too big

The gap is now eight points. This is a huge gap to make up after such a short space of time. No matter which way you look at it Chelsea would have to go on a huge run if they want to win the title. They’d realistically need to go on a 10-12 game winning streak, especially when we consider that City have won four in four relatively comfortably and easily look like the team to beat.

4) Two defeats in four games 

The team that wins the league typically loses no more than four games. Chelsea last season won the title having lost two games and then, with the title secured, lost against West Brom, making it three defeats in 38 games. In four games they have already lost two games. This is statistically too many for them to win the league. Chelsea would need to go on for the rest of the season losing just one more game. On current form that looks unlikely as so far they’ve only faced one tough opponent in Manchester City away. This is very worrying for Chelsea, who are yet to win at home and their only victory came against West Brom last weekend.

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