Blackpool FC: Where do we go from here?

It is not everyday that a manager comes out and openly criticises the supporters of his own club, but at Bloomfield Road anything is possible. Neil McDonald, already heavily alienating himself from Blackpool fans by taking the job in the first place, has burned any remaining bridge with his recent comments. Yet, the man continues in complete ignorance to the dire state of the club, deluding himself that the team are in any way of sufficient quality.

“Do they ever support the team away from home?” asked McDonald. It is well known that the majority of away supporters no longer attend home games and this petty dig at them is another act of a man described as an “Oyston puppet” by sections of supporters. They would tell you there is nothing to support and they would be right in saying so. The clear lack of effort from the vast majority of players is sickening and it is a disgrace that a historic club like Blackpool is stuck with them,

Karl Oyston has his perfect yes man in Neil McDonald, the communist-like controlled media portayal the club is trying to build up draws in the very few fans who seem to believe anything. Anyone with basic morals and understanding can see Karl Oyston is the very worst form of human. Ongoing court cases against fans prove that the Oyston family use their power for their own financial gain, to the dismay of the seaside fanbase.

The Oyston family love to play the victims in almost every situation but the football world knows the only victims here are Blackpool fans. Owen Oyston, convicted rapist and all round terrible guy, seems intent on living his frail final years making a mockery of the prestigious seaside club. Whilst of course keeping up the integeral part of being an Oyston, money-grabbing. Owen Oyston will probably pass away embroiled in legal battles and he will realise that day that is was never worth it.

Pyschotic and deranged son Karl will probably never stop. He loves the anger and hatred people have towards him, he thrives on it. In fact he is bringing up his sons Sam and George in the same vain. They themselves thrive on inciting fans whenever possible, many infamous incidents have taken place which have riled fans against the entire family. It has come to a stage now where a lot of fans are finished completely with the club and have walked away and you cannot blame them in the slightest. The only remaining people after this season ends inside Bloomfield Road will be people willing to throw away any form of reasonable credibility, morals and self-value to hand their hard-earned cash to a family intent on destroying the heart and soul of a community football club. That is the real crime. They have and will continue to get away with systematically dismantling a professional football club whilst the people who make the club, the fans, watch on helplessly. Tell me, where do we go from here?


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