Tactical Analysis: How has Miranda contributed to Atletico Madrid’s recent great form?


Atlético Madrid is enjoying a wonderful season so far, in sixteen games Atlético have won fifteen out of seventeen games, winning all but two games (one loss, one draw).

One of the major aspects to Diego Simone’s success so far at Atlético Madrid is that he has a perfectly organised-team where everyone knows their job which makes it extremely difficult for the opposing teams to play against Atlético and break them down. Atlético Madrid has the best defense in La Liga , conceding only nine goals in sixteen games which is an average of conceding a goal every 160 minutes.

Center back João Miranda is an influential and key member for the success of Atlético Madrid defensive displays this season and doesn’t get the praise and recognition he deserves. Miranda’s partnership with Diego Godín in defense is the best in La Liga this season and arguably one of the best in Europe.
Miranda’s ability can be seen in Atlético Madrid 3-0 victory against Valencia last weekend , Valencia scored in their previous fifteen games but Atlético Madrid were the first team to keep a clean sheet against Valencia who failed to register a shot on target.


Miranda’s clearances stats Vs Valencia Miranda’s Interceptions stats Vs Valencia

Miranda’s ability to read games and be in the right place at the right time makes him a perfect defender for Atlético and a nightmare for the opposing attackers. During the game against Valencia, Atlético completed 22 out of 22 clearances throughout the 90mins, Miranda completed eight of them clearances, which is 37% of the total clearances and he also made two interceptions during the game which demonstrates his ability to read the game excellently and be in the right place at the right time which makes him a crucial and important member of the Atlético team.


Miranda’s tackles Vs Valencia Miranda’s heat map Vs Valencia

Miranda’s ability to read a game excellently makes him less prone to dive into tackles and risk getting carded. Atlético made 22 tackles against Valencia and successfully completed 18 of the tackles, Miranda successfully completed all of his three tackles which demonstrates his ability to tackle when he needs too. Miranda’s heat map shows he is comfortable to cover the right back when he helps out in attack and he is rarely dragged out of position.


Miranda’s ability on the ball shouldn’t be overlooked as it is an important part of the modern game for a defender to be able to pass and start attacks from defense. During the game Vs Valencia Miranda completed 28 of his 33 passes which gave him an 88% passing accuracy. Throughout the season Miranda average passing accuracy is 79%


Miranda’s Average Defensive actions and Average duels won throughout the season

Miranda’s defensive ability is plain to be seen throughout the season so far, during his fourteen appearances he has an impressive average defensive actions of nine per game. Miranda has completed 76 clearances, 16 interceptions and 44 blocks during 14 games, these stats demonstrates his wonderful ability to read games and be in the right place and the right time. Miranda also has an impressive average duels won in tackles and headers which can be seen in the diagram on the right.

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  1. John
    December 21, 2013 at 03:44

    I have been watching him for well over a year now and I think he is the best CB in La Liga. Godin is one of the best too.

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