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General contact: contact[at]



We accept contributions on a number of topics but give preference to articles relating to the international game, Africa, Serie A, La Liga or any other foreign (not Premier League) domestic league.

Author information:

Amit Singh (@Think_Football) - Editor and founder- amit[at]

Syed Taqvi- Sub-editor and Tech-Support- syed[at]

Alex Gandhi- Copy-Editor

Laurence Antao and Alex Chadwick- Sub-Editors

Timothy Poole (@TimothyPoole) - Contributor on Premier League football -tim[at]

Vinesh Parmar (@VineshParmar4)- Contributor on European football

Jake Meador- Jake contributes regarding Tottenham amongst other things-  jake[at]

Tom Pyamn- Tom regularly contributes on issues relating to Arsenal-

For press releases

All press releases must be sent to Amit Singh (amit[at]thinkfootball[dot]co[dot]uk). All press releases are subjected to a strict review before publication. Press releases may in some cases be changed prior to publications. You must include full contact details including a business phone number for any press release to be accepted by Think Football.


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  1. January 3, 2014 at 11:23


    It’s 2014, the year of the world cup! I’ve edited this teaser/trailer and made it as engaging as possible, it’s for a university brief to try and get 100,000 views on YouTube.

    Everyone who’s seen it so far loves it! If you’d like to include in a post, maybe even on its own I’d greatly appreciate it. I’d be forever in your debt if you could help me out.

    I spent a long time creating it, It’ll certainly get you in the mood for football.

    Thanks ever so much for reading.

    Tom -

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